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• New Boost Circuit Kit

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A Bamboo WT
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Order your WorldTorch Prototype Kit Now... ONLY $4.00 with Free Shipping (Domestic Only)!

We are providing these kits to you at cost. Our requirement to you once you receive your kit is that you send us as feedback and comments about your work (pictures of your work would be great too). Our goal with this kit is to get the "bare bones" of this project into your hands so you can aid in the design, form, and function of the WorldTorch. Some of the items you can brainstorm include: housing, switching, regulation, use, etc.

Included in your kit are:

  • 47 ohms (Yellow, Violet, Black, Gold) for 1.5 mA or so
  • 10 ohms (Brown, Black, Black, Gold) for 6.5 mA or so
  • 2.2 ohms (Red, Red, Gold, Gold) for 30 mA or so
  • A small piece of ‘perf board’
  • 5 ‘flea clips’ (one is a spare)
  • LM334 Current regulator IC
  • 2N3906 PNP Transistor
  • Two 390 ohm (Orange, White, Black, Gold) resistors
  • A 1000 ohm (Brown, Black, Red, Gold) resistor (for use in 12 Volt systems)
  • A .1 micro Farad capacitor (looks like a match head)
  • A ‘9 Volt battery’ clip with wire leads
  • A white 5mm LED