The WorldTorch Project - Bringing light to the rest of the World!


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Project Phases:

    • Distribute parts / kits to the public (at cost) to aid in development / design brainstorming.
    • Create and foster relationships with individuals who can assist in the production and distribution of the WorldTorch to those in the most neet.
    • Create a final "Prototype" torch to use in the test system.
    • Setup a test system and monitor the results / feedback.
    • Refine the torch / system and repeat the last few steps.
    • Start distribution to bring light to the world!

Why use LEDs?

  • Lower costs: cheaper to buy and using only 5 - 10 per cent the energy of incandescent bulbs.
  • Long lasting: with a service life of around 100,000 hours, so maintenance is an easy task
  • Better quality light output: minimum ultraviolet and infrared radiation
  • Safer: there's no heat, noise, vibration or high voltage
  • Smaller: their high intensity and low weight and volume, make them useful for lighting tight spaces
  • DC power supply: no flicker.
  • Flexibility: more imaginative lighting designs are possible.

WorldTorch Requirements:

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of maintenance / repair
  • Low total cost
  • Safety
  • Ease of duplicatability
  • Powered by renewable / non-poluting energy (solar, pedal, hydro, etc.)